4.1.1 Facilities For Teaching-Learning Download
4.1.3 Percentage Of Classroom And Seminar Hall Download
4.1.1 A Land Documents Download
4.2.1 Facilities For Sports, Games Etc Download
4.2.1 Library (ILMS) Download
4.2.1 LIBMAN Documents Download
4.2.2 RARE BOOKS Download
4.2.4 Audited Report Download
4.2.5 E-Resource Of The Library Download
4.2.6 Library Visit Ragister Degree Download
4.2.6 Visit Ragister Management Library LLB Download
4.2.6 VIsit Ragister Management Library Download
4.2.6 A DEGREE Download
4.2.6 B LAW Download
4.2.6 C MBA Download
4.3.1 Purchase Of Equipment Criteria Download
4.4.2 AMC Criteria Download